The Never Ending Bucket List – GEOGRAPHY EDITION 2020

Hey SerialWalkers !

From those hot summer-days in Paris, I declare The Never Ending Bucket List Geography Edition 2020 in process !

Following The Never Ending Bucket List published a few weeks back, I said I would do a list of countries I wish to visit or live in. Well, I am doing this and more !

This is just an introduction to explain the process, and what to expect. So, for every country wished to be visited, I will make a list of must sees, experiences, what I want to do and see, coupled with some essentiels informations and visuels.

The geographical distribution is in the following document and I should meet my own expectations to publish at least one every week, then make a compilation per continent and the full document at the end !

As you can imagine some countries are more demanding than others. The most time consuming areas shall be done at the end !

Any how, this Introduction will be followed by Northern Africa (Algérie, Libye, Maroc, Mauritanie, Tunisie) and – or Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan,Uzbekistan) by next monday.

All-righty guys, have fun and be safe !

Terribly Yours,


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French queer world traveler ! Pig lover !

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