Top 25 – Countries for a On budget backpack style Honeymoon !

In those heatwaves-baked France’s Capital, I am wondering this morning about which countries if only 25 I would choose to experience, and simply why. Countries for a Honeymoon, do understand my way so : backpacking on a budget with love ! I am not a beach person or let’s get cold on purpose person – I personally believe that we look ridiculous walking in the snow or the sand, less oxygen up there, let’s just avoid this-.

In the mist of The Never Ending Bucket List – Geography Edition 2020, I am still working on Northern Africa and Mostly Central Asia. A bit nuts me has decided to go from London to Oulan-Oude (Russia) by car : it is the Mongol Rally by The Adventurists – The people also responsable enough for The RickShaw Runs ! God Bless their minds ! Normally, I would definitely say a little « Oh Straight People », but right now, I wanna do some straight shit ! This is on my Bucket List – in French for now !

I always wanted to wonder this trail, well, I am looking at it but for now, let’s dream a little ! Well, my dream, not sure my husband would like it all but heh.

I already have had the chance to experience Northern India & the Rajasthan, Mexico, India, Myanmar, Bali and others for for this Top 25, I am focusing on what may come next as a Honeymoon. The order Is not really important here.

So It Goes

  1. Iran – Persian culture & Heritage !
  2. Oman – The diversity of the natural sites !
  3. Uzbekistan – The magnificent Silk Road !
  4. Mozambique – A unique mixed culture !
  5. Tanzania – Life & Experiences !
  6. Kenya – Hiking & Meeting the Maasai !
  7. South Africa & Lesotho – Beautiful Landscapes and wine ..
  8. Jordan – Heritage & Naturel Beauty of the Desert !
  9. Turquie – Istanbul & the Turkish culture !
  10. Costa Rica – Everything !!!!
  11. Argentina – Food, Tango, and wine ..
  12. Chile – The Andes and wine ..
  13. China – Culture, Heritage and Immensity of it all !
  14. Japan – Blossoming Sake !
  15. South Korea – Landscape and Culture !
  16. Taiwan – Gay Pride & adventures !
  17. Israel – Gay pride, Landscapes & heritage !
  18. Cuba – Well, do I have to make my case ?
  19. Greece – A little nerdy boy dreams !
  20. Italy – Do I need to make a case here ?
  21. Spain – Southern Spain Heritage !
  22. Sri Lanka – Nothing like a island !
  23. Croatia – Game of Thrones anyone ??
  24. Morroco – Just get the smells back from the Medinas !
  25. Egypt – Heritage, Heritage, Heritage !

Well, This is it for me today. Dreaming is important in this time of whatever it is ! As you can see, I am moving toward the Middle East, Asia or South America more, but for now let’s enjoy empty Paris, get the marriage life together and off we will go !

I will be soon making an article about the choice I face : The Mongol Rally or One of the Rickshaw Run (India, Himalayas, Sri Lanka). Fundraising and logistic are in the air ! if you wish, contact me for anything !

Be safe guys, be straight-friendly and be Kind ! And don’t forget to day drink for that weather !

Terribly yours,


Have a beer, L.

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French queer world traveler ! Pig lover !

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