TOP 15 – What to Do and See In Indonesia

Hey Serial Walkers,

Following my article on Bali, I offer you a bit a dream again with the short bucket list for Indonesia ! It will be part of The Never Ending Bucket List – Geography Edition !

This does not include Bali ! Don’t forget to check out my TOP 15 of Bali Experiences !

Keep in mind, this is personal, non-exhaustive, and you might not enjoy the same things as me ! 🙂

So it goes !

  1. Komodo National parc,
  2. Go and visit the islands : Flores, Lombock & The Gili Islands ,
  3. The beautiful and mystical Sulawesy island including Tana Turaja,
  4. Enjoy the underground night life of Jakarta,
  5. Climb the volcanos of Indonesia : Krakatau, Bromo, Kawah Ijen, Api …
  6. Visit the most incredible temples : Boro Budur, Prambanan, Kandi Sukuh ..
  7. Nautique & outdoors activities in Kalimantan,
  8. Enjoy the Harau Valley,
  9. Visit the Tanjung National Park for the extraordinary fauna (Orangutan, Sumatran Elephant ..),
  10. Visit Yogyarkata and the cultural heritage of the center of Java,
  11. Go diving and snorkeling at Pulau Bunaken, in the Bunaken Island,
  12. Go to the Breathtaking Raja Ampat,
  13. Meet the Dani People in the amazing Baliem Valley,
  14. Go to Kota Ternate, enjoy the wonderful view and feel small close to the Api & Gamalama volcanos,
  15. And finally, the food ! Indonesian food is a dream !  

Well, this is it ! I really encourage you go out of Bali, and try to experience this wonderful country.

If you have any suggestions, corrections, or need any information, here you can contact me !

Be safe, be kind, be you !

Terribly yours,


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