My Top 10 of LGBTQIA + Characters in Dramatic series !

Hey SerialWalkers  ! 

My pride has been a struggle. Sometimes I wanted to queen out, but take pride in being anything but a cliché. Thanks to media representation, I know now that I can be whoever I am ! 

This is a short video about LGBTQIA + solo travelers after my trip to India, and this article is here if you want to know more ! 

These are troubling times. The need for representation is essential.

Representation in the media for the LGBTQIA+ community is the basis of democratizing moving norms, and fulfils the need for self-identification. 

You can’t be what you can’t see they see ! 

Here’s my list of Bad-ass queer individuals ! 

  1.  Dr Calliope Torres, Grey’s Anatomy, played by the one and only Sara Ramirez,
  2.  Bianca Evangelista, Pose, portrayed by MJ Rodriguez, 
  3.  Saul Holden, Brothers and Sisters, portrayed by Ron Rifkin, 
  4.  Santana Lopez, Glee, portrayed by the late Naya Rivera,
  5.  Nomi Marks, Sense8, portrayed by Jamie Clayton, 
  6.  Oliver Hampton, Murder, portrayed by Conrad Hamilton,
  7.  Rusty Beck, Major Crimes, portrayed by Graham Patrick Martin, 
  8.  Adena El Amin, The Bold Type, portrayed by Nikhol Boosheri,
  9.   Henrietta “Hen” Wilson, 9-1-1, portrayed by Aisha Hinds, 
  10.  Carlos Reyes, 9-1-1 : Lone Star, portrayed by Rafael Silva,

And a special one for Commander Lexa, The 100, portrayed by Alycia Debnam-Carey ! 

You should soon be updated on the release next week of the new article of my journey in Mexico, and how it changed my life !  

Don’t forget to check My Top 20 of LGBTQIA + Themed Movies, like, comment and share !

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