TOP 10 – Queer Places in Mexico City !

Hey Serial Walkers !


Oh Mexico City … The capital of the Estados Unidos Mexicanos, and the second largest capital of Latin America is a magically-loud, full of souls, of bars, and the some of the sexiest man, City ! Well, married to a Mexican myself, I fell in love with the city and the country, ! Soon, we have a plan to go back, and another Top 15 for the next time !

Streets of CDMX by @lucabailleul

La Cuidad de Mexico – CDMX – and her Zona Rosa is the gay neighborhood of the city. Puerto Vallarta maybe the San Fransisco of Mexico for me CDMX is the one of the coolest cities ! I want to share with you my love with this Top 10 of Queer Places in CDMX !


  1. Baby, the perfect bar for a drink or date,
  2. Cabarétito Fusion, the coolest drag shows, and cabarets,
  3. Vienna Bar, dance and drink,
  4. Boy Bar, well I was younger once,
  5. Kinky Bar, just my favorite place to go after day drinking,
  6. Youkali Caberet, the coolest drag shows too,
  7. Drrama By 42, because youth is important,
  8. Banos Finisterre, the classic mexican Sauna,
  9. La Botica, mezcal and karaoke,
  10. Nachos Beers & Bar, homy, hairy, and cheap !

And also, Tom’s Leather bar for the luuv of it !

I loved that outfit ! By @lucabailleul

I hope this is giving you ideas ! Don’t forget that dreaming is free !🐷❤️🇲🇽🏳️‍🌈

Here’s My Top 20 – What to do in Mexico City ! if you wish to this directly !

Contact me if you need some additional contacts on the ground or for suggestions !

Don’t forget to read The Tales Of my Mexican Journey, and my Top 25 of what to do in Mexico !

Terribly Yours,



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