TOP 25 – To Do In México !

Hey Serial Walkers !


After wondering off in CDMX for a while, I went to see the rest of the country for a bit !

San Cristobal des Las Casas by @lucabailleul

I decided to include here my favorite spots of Mexico City, and the rest of what I have seen in Southern Mexico !

Palenque in Chiapas by @lucabailleul

Don’t forget to check out the tales of my Mexican journey and my Top 10 of Queers place in CMDX for my context !

This is non-detailed Top 25 of my favorite places in México, and the Top 15 of What to do once back is here too !

San Pedro de Cholula by @lucabailleul


  1. Chichén Itza,
  2. Cenotes de Yucatan,
  3. Mérida, la cuidad blanca,
  4. La Cuidad de México, y su centro histórico,
  5. Templo Mayor,
  6. El castillo de Chapultepec,
  7. Xochimilco, the mexicain Venise,
  8. Palacio des Bellas Artes,
  9. Teotihuacán,
  10. El Museo Nacional de Antropología,
  11. Museo Somoya,
  12. Museo Frida Kahlo,
  13. Puebla, y San Pedro De Cholula
  14. La Bibliotheca Palafoxiana en Puebla, the oldest of the continent,
  15. Arena México por la Lucha Libre,
  16. Tulum, y las ruinas mayas,
  17. Bacalar, of course,
  18. Isla Mujeres,
  19. Holbox,
  20. Monte Alban,
  21. Oaxaca,
  22. Valladolid,
  23. San Cristobal des las Casas,
  24. Palenque,
  25. Puerto Escondido, Masunte ..
Las ruinas mayas in Tulum, by @lucabailleul

Contact me if you need some additional contacts on the ground or for suggestions !

Les pyramides de Tehotihuacan by @lucabailleul

Here’s My Top 20 – What to do in Mexico City ! if you wish to this directly !

You can find us here and here, if need be !

For more questions or question suggestions, contact me

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