Journeylism – Tools For Travelers

Hey SerialWalkers !


Here are all the tools I use for my travels ! They are homemade or repurposed and free !

Don’t hesitate to contact me for any question, suggestions or ideas on how to improve them or new ones !


New Article

Here is a new tool ! Go ahead and ckeck this article « Embrace your Inner German » !

I just finished a little Dossier « Off you Go ! » : 6 pages on how to plan and prepare yourself for a trip, including the Check-List, obstacles, some behavioural tips !

Feel free to use it and give me some in-puts !


Here is also available The Never Ending Bucket List – Geography Edition 2020. Go and check out the main article !

Coming soon !

The Tales of my walking tour of Nepal : Kathandu & the Valley !

Don’t forget to read the whole Tales of my Mexican Journey, latest news and throwback on the slutty days !

Terrible Yours,



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