Embrace your Inner German !

Hey Serial Walkers !


This article focuses on the balance between leaving on a whim and the over-processed schedule. We know the struggle ! This is what I call my Inner German.

The idea behind Journeylism is to offer free homemade tools to help travellers in managing their trips !

What the F is an Inner German ? 

We all have Inners. Your Inner Drunk Slut José, your Inner Diva, your Inner Bitch .. and your Inner German, Bertha.

Getting ready for the day : information in Delhi – @theserialwalker

Here is a definition : your Inner German is the part of you who can efficiently plan, execute, reflect and repeat. It’s the voice in some situation in your head saying « Dude, you should have done this.. I am not the kind of girl to tell I told you so, But I did tell you so, Bitch ! » She sounds like that in my mind, at least. And why German ..? Well, because there are the most disciplined people I have met .. in a democracy !

The whole spectrum is opened : some have to plan, some hate it, some like it ! Find your point of equilibrium.

The goal here is to provide insides on why I embrace my inner german, and how !

The Cost Of Cautious – The Convenience Tax

This is the most important part of it all : managing finances and planning significantly reduce costs ! You can travel longer, better, safer !

The right tools, some reflexions, a good preparation ante departure, and a daily routine will by any means improve your experience !

Knowing that you can take the bus from the airport, can save you 40 euros in paris, 15 in Mexico City ! Knowing that some buses are cheaper with hostels, and some other exemples ..

The convenience tax goes like this, and eat away at you. Be assured that money is not everything. But, planning ahead may prevent you some sacrifices when after you may have to chose not to do an activity or a visit because it would not be worth anymore.

Planning gives you a way to freedom : you don’t have to stick to your entire schedule, of course, in fact I doubt it is possible ! Planning gives you opportunity to measure in advance, act accordingly, moves the needles for what is realistic, what is possible. It is a choice giver. Armed with information, let freeway to change, modify, alter with opinion of locals, any kind of plan.

Embrace your Inner German !

The cost is also a moving measure : a balance between desire, means, and opportunity !

A fair exemple : a spreadsheet, wordpress, pictures and go !

A list of Tools to help you Embrace your Inner German

Following this lovely bit, I want to propose A List of Tools : this is not another list of the best app for travellers. You would find one better suited for general purposes somewhere else. These are the I have, and use on a daily basis for most of them.

  1. Travel books, and yes, there are few actually practical : The Lonely Planet « La bible du Grand Voyageur« , Regional & Country centred ones (avec le Routard for french speakers).
  2. No need for an app when you have a nice homemade spreadsheet for managing your finances ! Do it everyday for 5 minutes, it will do miracles ! #TOOL 1 – Journeylsim
  3. Apps are the easiest digital tools, provided by science – same for vaccins -, & are quite an essentiel part of our lives. Here are some I use the most : `
  • Notion (my favorite) for organization, Thank me later,
  • Grindr (how I met my husband) & Tinder for Fuuun,
  • Maps.me & Citymapper for Direction,
  • Youtube & Spotify for Music with the day drinking playlist,
  • WhatsApp to communicate,
  • HostelWorld & Booking for Accommodation,
  • XE & Google Translates for Necessities,
  • SkyScanner & Kiwi for Flight (contact me for a little gift),
  • Instagram for Memories,
  • Netflix for Entertainment,
  • WordPress for writing stories,
  • Bank apps.

Also, some online digital tools that might prove useful : Canva for Design, Unfold for IG, PixLr for pictures, Onwardtickets for well onward tickets, Couchsurfing to meet & sleep people ..!

The best for french speakers : le Planificateur a contre-sens !

Don’t forget to check Journeylism – Tools for travellers : you will find there homemade tools to help you embrace your Inner German !

Here’s a exemple of what Embracing Your Inner German Can Do with a document made to help in planning a day trip ! Helped me for Berlin, Budapest, Kolkata, and some !


Here is my serie about Nepal & the Valley Of Kathmandu !

Don’t forget to read the whole Tales of my Mexican Journey, latest news and throwback on the slutty days !

The full Story of my Jounrey in Incredible India is next !

For more questions or question suggestions, contact me

Hope you have find this useful ! Let me know !

Terribly yours, 



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