My Top 10 – Cities of Rajasthan & Their Marvels

Hey Serial Walkers ! 


I left you in India. Everbody told me there is a before and a after India. Indeed, yes M’am.

After many delays, I decided to start by a little and simple list of the marvels of Rajasthan.

Jaisalmer, The Golden City by @theserialwalker & @lucabailleul

One would need a lifetime to explore India.

The most visited part of the incredible country is as reason probably the most known for is clones to Agra and the Taj Mahal, and also, for cities like Jaipur.

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Stepwell in Jaipur by @theserialwalker & @lucabailleul

I wish to offer you a compilation of my top 10 cities in the region : they will give you history, culture and the unique feeling of discovery.

So It Goes

  1. Jodhpur, The Blue city is probably my personal favorite, a museum holding the first constitution of India, the lovely streets of the city are everything that India as to offer.
  2. Jaisalmer, the Golden City is more quiet, even lovelier for a walk in the past. The fort still is a living space, with schools, restaurants, and flowers.
  3. Pushkar will give a sense of the Rajasthan. On the way from Agra or Jaipur, treat yourself by admiring the place.
  4. Udaipur, The City of the Lakes is one of the most incredible place I’ve been. The view, the food, the people, the best of India, the best of Rajasthan, a city surrounded by water leaving you with space and marvels.
  5. Jaipur, The Pink City is no need of an introduction. Coming from the Pink City of France, I felt the ways of India in the city opening her doors the travellers. Elephant, Museums, palaces and step well will delight you with the crowded streets and markets.
  6. Chittorgarh represents the history of India. Incredible temples, a story about sacrifice, a peacefulness welcomed after Delhi or Jaipur.
  7. Ajmer is the perfect blend between history and the gate to modernity. On the banks of water, it will give you the most amazing stay, and on opening into the cultural identity of the state.
  8. Shekhawati and the town of Fatehpur is deserving of more exposure. The uniqueness of the site is a must-see for any patrimonial lover.
  9. Ranakpur has the unique Jain Temple, covered in art and a prolific history.
  10. Kumbhalgarh holds a incredible wildlife sanctuary and the most epic fort. Place of birth of the Mighty, it is the last of my must-see !

I hope you enjoyed this little and non-non-exhautsive list.

You know how encourage people to do their own research, this is just a tip in the right direction !

The story of my journey in India is soon to come !!

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Will come, the full story of my journey in Incredible India.

Udaipur, The City of lakes, Rajasthan, India by @theserialwalker & @lucabailleul

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