My Top 15 – To Do and See in Mumbai

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Mumbai, the City of Dreams used to be in my head this historic city full a people, food, smells and temples. Well, I was not wrong but so far away of the reality of it. There is some much more to see and experience. This city has a life its own !

The little gay boy in me wanted to be in a Bollywood movie and I did ! Well, in Varanasi, but still a Bollywood production ! That will be in the Journey of Discovery of Incredible India !

Women of India by @theserialwalker & @lucabailleul

The first time I saw it on TV, I felt it : I had to be there, experiencing it to understand to uniqueness of it. So I did. I went to explore it by myself. After for a good 4 days walking around, 47 hours of walking, 102 kms, two weddings and an outrageous number of selfies on Marina Drive, I have a list to offer you !

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Streets of Mumbai by @theserialwalker & @lucabailleul

Wanting to visit Bombay for a good decade, I finally reached it after a long train ride from Udaipur, ready to emerge myself in the craziness of Mumbai !

I decided on 15 places where you can see, and experiencing the best of Mumbai !

So It Goes

  1. The Siddhivinayak Temple is a masterpiece of architecture, religious and cultural representation. A wonderful day trip to feel the devotion.
  2. The Gateway Of India is probably of symbol of India. Its past, and its futur, close to the Taj Mahal Palace, this is the piece I wanted to see.
  3. Hali Ali Daragh represents the best of Indian muslim culture. A family, historical place to eat, wonder, and meet to most diversity in the city. This gorgeous mosque is a must, and the walk is amazing.
  4. Marina Drive is a long walk in the south of Mumbai. A beautiful sunset for a date, Mumbakers know best. I was mistakenly identified as a celebrity and let me tell you, it was a day !
  5. Chhatrapi Shivaji Terminus (CST) another symbol of Mumbai will make you feel small, and a witness of history. Formely Victoria Station, this Unesco Site is a must !
  6. The Hanging Gardens are on the top Of Malabar Hill. It is nice way to go, and there are just peaceful, and away for the craziness of the city ! A nice place for a picnic !
  8. Dadar Market is the most amazing market : you can literally find anything ! Go to the flower part in dadar East, mind the train, and be amazed !
  9. Global Vipassana Pagoda was inaugurated in 2008. This recently new piece of jewellery gives you an hint of Myanmar.
  10. Colaba Causeway probably is the most unique commercial street is India. I dare you to go all the way .. This long street is a succession of shops, people, shops, food, food and .. people.
  11. National Gallery of Modern Art what a gorgeous museum. Similar to the one New Delhi, it will allow you to recharge your battery in the mist of the city.
  12. Elephanta Caves no introduction needed I hope. The Unesco site is the most unique island in the state. Go, and wonder, a memory I will cherish for years to come.
  13. Mahalaxmi Temple is one the must famous Temple in Mumbai. It deserves, demands a visit for any history nerd like me !
  14. Sanjay Ghandi National Park allows you to watch people play cricket for days without understanding the rules. I should warn you, that shit is real hard ! I ave been giving it a try since 2009 but Lord, nothing beats playing it the empty streets of Mumbai a Sunday !
  15. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, formerly Prince of Wales Museum of Western India, represents the most exciting place of Mumbai. This museum holds treasures and pieces of history for the entire mankind’s time on earth.

I hope you will find this simple and non-exhaustive list useful if you decided to stay in Mumbai one day !

CST in Mumbai by @lucabailleul @theserialwalker

Treat yourself to this : walk around, get dirty, get lost, get street food, get scared, & fall in love !

The full story of my journey in India is soon to come !!

Udaipur, The City of lakes, Rajasthan, India by @theserialwalker & @lucabailleul

After spending days exploring, I left for Goa. Unplanned, I decided to dedicated myself to a week of day drinking on the ocean, whoring around for my 26th birthday. I will tell you about that, no worries.

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For more questions or question suggestions, contact me ! 

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