A trip to Bali !

Promise yourself that one day, you will wake up Bali.

I remember reading this about 11 years ago. I was 15, and the final episode of « Pekin Express Season 4 » (the French version of the Amazing Race) was airing soon. This season started in Viet Nam in the Ha Long Bay throught Southeast Asia with the finish line in Bali.

For me, and I was about to get on my first flight ever for the UK, this adventure seems like to perfect journey. I watched the previous seasons, and I am still a huge fan ! This road, I saw a bit of it now, well, was the dream. Still waiting for Viet Nam !!

I went to see my best friend, Julie. She was doing in internship for Business School, and I was working my summer job and decided that I was time for me to go ! She is working in Canggu now, managing the Pirate’s Bay Cruising ! I highly recommend their services for a unforgettable experience in Indonesia ! A few most later, I arrived in Bali on a hot night of october 2015.

Planning on returning this year, well, we know how that turn out, I would love to enjoy an empty Bali. Lord knows how attractive Bali is, and mass tourism lurking is not a great color on a small island of Indonesia.

Oh boy, I was scared shitless about driving in Bali, so I did not. Yep Gojek was not that developed at the time, seriously handy ! I was not the experienced independent traveler than I am now. I was 21 and focusing on studies. Last time, I drove I got hit by a tucking Boat !

I met wonderful people, and got to do some of my bucket list sight seeing ! Some missing still : climbing Batur, and Gili Air, but Raja Ampat and Flores are not going anywhere.

What I want to share with you is the experience and I think the beginning of my day drinking days, no walks of shame, and some pretty naughty airports. Also, Indonesia being the largest muslim country on earth, LGBTQIA + rights are non-existed and attack under « the morals of the faith ». Struggling population, even on a slightly unique island like Bali, educated me on the rights of LGBTQ in Indonesia !

BTW, I just love this outfit, that ass bb ! God, I swear I wore this shirt for 3 years no stop, how French of me !

This is me @lucabailleul in the Monkey Forest in Ubud.

Bali, Bali, Bali … There is some such to do, see, and experience ! You can find here my Top 15 Bali Experiences for some ideas !

This first weekend we went snorkeling in Pantai Permuteran : it is in the northern part of Bali ! What a weekend that was, after a boob-seeing accident, a reggeaton music festival on an island, and some dancing with the whole diving gear on Celine Dion, Good God, I was the happiest I had ever been. We slept on the floor in the office of the scuba dive company after eating smoked-cooked fishes grilled by our friend ! The following week, It was chill by the pool program, and Ubud. Walking the beaches in Sanur was fun, working friend for amazing lunches on the beach with fresh fish every day was perfect ! We went to visit Seminyak and Kuta, once beaches and nightlife centres of Bali !

Then, came Ubud. First came two friends, and that was it. I was going to have a blast with my to straight white men ! We accidentally fell in a Coffee plantation with pretty extraordinary animals, one owner just nuts, and some shots of a pinky rice wine, and of course, Arak. It was 1 Pm, the three of us hammered, and the Monkey Forest ahead… Let me tell you, this was a day ! The sanctuary is amazing, and amazingly full of straight people with undisciplined kids getting beaten by monkeys. What a thing to see, a german yelling at a monkey.. I still get on hard on from time to time.

staggered rice fields in Ubud, Bali by @lucabailleul

Let’s go South now !

Nusa Penida the next time, so check My Top 15 – What to Do and See in Indonesia for ideas ! Nusa Lembongan was the highlight of my trip ! To this day, expect some specifics ones across the globe, it was the most truly magical place for me. This started in Sanur. We took the boat to go to the island, with buses of Chinese tourists, rented bikes, and off we went ! To have lunch at Day drinking time in the place you will see in the next two pictures ! I felt blessed, and still can taste the lemon Bintang and the Chivas rhum in the pool off a cliff.

Julie & Farda in Nusa Lembongan by @lucabailleul
Almost too much @lucabailleul – presque géant à l’époque !

The last Sunday, time for Uluwatu and the beaches of the Bukit Peninsula ! Quite a marvelous place ! Interesting to see the socially divided environment though. The whites on the Top with view and pools, and the locals in the oceans. Nothing surprising really, urban sociology & good old social scales’ representation. Anyhow, Padang Padang beach was out of reach of getting out of the Scootys Highway, was Dreamland Beach ! Gorgeous !

Dreamland Beach in Uluwatu by @lucabailleul

After a wonderful weekend, Monday came. It was time to leave. We spent the day drinking in the pool, so much so, I couldn’t get tattooed, and almost not allowed in the plane ! Later on, some delay eh, Singapour again, where I had sex in the bathroom with a South Korean met on Grindr. There I, trying to sober up smoking, met Darcy. An American lady of 60-ish springs, living between France and Bali, working in jewelry high I don’t remember what. We got drunk on whisky coke, got a the plan where I was stuck between the window and two heavier individuals. I swear she was touching herself watching Magic Mike.. We Chardonney-ed, and I gave back everything on the landing zone. Glamorous as always, injuring my pride and the leftovers of Dignity I had. A fat Burger after, the song Hello by Adele just out get my sad sad tears of a clown (RPDG anyone ?). Bali transformed my view of spirituality, and the way I relate to people having experiencing it. I used to believe depression was weakness and people who fainted were just weaker, so imagine the growth I have experienced as a human being.

Coming back tanned in early November for mi-terms, I promised myself that Once again, I will wake up in Bali.

Next time, Mexico my darlings ! Bye my Serial Walkers !

Terribly yours,


TOP 15 – What to Do and See In Indonesia

Hey Serial Walkers,

Following my article on Bali, I offer you a bit a dream again with the short bucket list for Indonesia ! It will be part of The Never Ending Bucket List – Geography Edition !

This does not include Bali ! Don’t forget to check out my TOP 15 of Bali Experiences !

Keep in mind, this is personal, non-exhaustive, and you might not enjoy the same things as me ! 🙂

So it goes !

  1. Komodo National parc,
  2. Go and visit the islands : Flores, Lombock & The Gili Islands ,
  3. The beautiful and mystical Sulawesy island including Tana Turaja,
  4. Enjoy the underground night life of Jakarta,
  5. Climb the volcanos of Indonesia : Krakatau, Bromo, Kawah Ijen, Api …
  6. Visit the most incredible temples : Boro Budur, Prambanan, Kandi Sukuh ..
  7. Nautique & outdoors activities in Kalimantan,
  8. Enjoy the Harau Valley,
  9. Visit the Tanjung National Park for the extraordinary fauna (Orangutan, Sumatran Elephant ..),
  10. Visit Yogyarkata and the cultural heritage of the center of Java,
  11. Go diving and snorkeling at Pulau Bunaken, in the Bunaken Island,
  12. Go to the Breathtaking Raja Ampat,
  13. Meet the Dani People in the amazing Baliem Valley,
  14. Go to Kota Ternate, enjoy the wonderful view and feel small close to the Api & Gamalama volcanos,
  15. And finally, the food ! Indonesian food is a dream !  

Well, this is it ! I really encourage you go out of Bali, and try to experience this wonderful country.

If you have any suggestions, corrections, or need any information, here you can contact me !

Be safe, be kind, be you !

Terribly yours,


TOP 15 of Bali Experiences

Hey Serial Walkers,

This my top top 15 of Bali experiences following my post about my trip to Bali. As you noticed, this post was about the story and not the travel tips. It was 5 years ago, and after examining the situation, well, we are going there soon. But, we can dream, again.

So to redeem this, here you go !

Don’t forget to check my TOP 15 – What to Do and See in Indonesia as well for a full experience of this amazing country !

Keep in mind, this is personal, non-exhaustive, and you might not enjoy the same things as me !

So it goes !

  1. Visit the most incredible temples of Bali ( Tanah Lot, Tirta Empul, Besakih, Ulun Danu Bratan, Luhur Lempuyang ..),
  2. Spend some time on the beaches of the Bukit Peninsula & Uluwatu
  3. Go and visit Canggu, peaceful and beautiful,
  4. Treat for self for the Best Sea food in Sanur,
  5. Enjoy the Processions and the danses of Bali’s spiritual people,
  6. Enjoy a time off at a SPA – Massage with a gorgeous view,
  7. Ubud, the center of an island (with the Monkeys !),
  8. Night Life in Kuta,
  9. Seminyak and her beaches,
  10. Climb Mount Batur, and enjoy the Lake,
  11. Go and see the staggered rice fields in Jatiluwih,
  12. Surfing at Kuta beach and Padang Padang,
  13. Visit Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Penida,
  14. Diving and Snorkeling in Ahmed and Pemuteran,
  15. Take a cooking class for traditional Bali food extravaganza !

I hope this is giving you ideas ! Don’t forget that dreaming is free !

Contact me if you need some additional contacts on the ground or for suggestions !

Coming up will be Mexicoooo, the country that stole my heart and my credit card !

Terribly Yours,


Top 25 – Countries for a On budget backpack style Honeymoon !

In those heatwaves-baked France’s Capital, I am wondering this morning about which countries if only 25 I would choose to experience, and simply why. Countries for a Honeymoon, do understand my way so : backpacking on a budget with love ! I am not a beach person or let’s get cold on purpose person – I personally believe that we look ridiculous walking in the snow or the sand, less oxygen up there, let’s just avoid this-.

In the mist of The Never Ending Bucket List – Geography Edition 2020, I am still working on Northern Africa and Mostly Central Asia. A bit nuts me has decided to go from London to Oulan-Oude (Russia) by car : it is the Mongol Rally by The Adventurists – The people also responsable enough for The RickShaw Runs ! God Bless their minds ! Normally, I would definitely say a little « Oh Straight People », but right now, I wanna do some straight shit ! This is on my Bucket List – in French for now !

I always wanted to wonder this trail, well, I am looking at it but for now, let’s dream a little ! Well, my dream, not sure my husband would like it all but heh.

I already have had the chance to experience Northern India & the Rajasthan, Mexico, India, Myanmar, Bali and others for for this Top 25, I am focusing on what may come next as a Honeymoon. The order Is not really important here.

So It Goes

  1. Iran – Persian culture & Heritage !
  2. Oman – The diversity of the natural sites !
  3. Uzbekistan – The magnificent Silk Road !
  4. Mozambique – A unique mixed culture !
  5. Tanzania – Life & Experiences !
  6. Kenya – Hiking & Meeting the Maasai !
  7. South Africa & Lesotho – Beautiful Landscapes and wine ..
  8. Jordan – Heritage & Naturel Beauty of the Desert !
  9. Turquie – Istanbul & the Turkish culture !
  10. Costa Rica – Everything !!!!
  11. Argentina – Food, Tango, and wine ..
  12. Chile – The Andes and wine ..
  13. China – Culture, Heritage and Immensity of it all !
  14. Japan – Blossoming Sake !
  15. South Korea – Landscape and Culture !
  16. Taiwan – Gay Pride & adventures !
  17. Israel – Gay pride, Landscapes & heritage !
  18. Cuba – Well, do I have to make my case ?
  19. Greece – A little nerdy boy dreams !
  20. Italy – Do I need to make a case here ?
  21. Spain – Southern Spain Heritage !
  22. Sri Lanka – Nothing like a island !
  23. Croatia – Game of Thrones anyone ??
  24. Morroco – Just get the smells back from the Medinas !
  25. Egypt – Heritage, Heritage, Heritage !

Well, This is it for me today. Dreaming is important in this time of whatever it is ! As you can see, I am moving toward the Middle East, Asia or South America more, but for now let’s enjoy empty Paris, get the marriage life together and off we will go !

I will be soon making an article about the choice I face : The Mongol Rally or One of the Rickshaw Run (India, Himalayas, Sri Lanka). Fundraising and logistic are in the air ! if you wish, contact me for anything !

Be safe guys, be straight-friendly and be Kind ! And don’t forget to day drink for that weather !

Terribly yours,


Have a beer, L.

The Never Ending Bucket List – GEOGRAPHY EDITION 2020

Hey SerialWalkers !

From those hot summer-days in Paris, I declare The Never Ending Bucket List Geography Edition 2020 in process !

Following The Never Ending Bucket List published a few weeks back, I said I would do a list of countries I wish to visit or live in. Well, I am doing this and more !

This is just an introduction to explain the process, and what to expect. So, for every country wished to be visited, I will make a list of must sees, experiences, what I want to do and see, coupled with some essentiels informations and visuels.

The geographical distribution is in the following document and I should meet my own expectations to publish at least one every week, then make a compilation per continent and the full document at the end !

As you can imagine some countries are more demanding than others. The most time consuming areas shall be done at the end !

Any how, this Introduction will be followed by Northern Africa (Algérie, Libye, Maroc, Mauritanie, Tunisie) and – or Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan,Uzbekistan) by next monday.

All-righty guys, have fun and be safe !

Terribly Yours,


The Self-Improvement Possibilities of Solo Traveling

« Travel by yourself, you will never be alone. »


I don’t know about you guys but usually when I decide to go on vacation, I can smell margaritas and hot guys by the beach. I even would consider inviting a friend or three mostly do some day drinking.

Here you will find everything there is to know about me ! 🐷❤️🏳️‍🌈

Every time I choose to take time off, well .. I quit my job, and go for as long as I can, far away, with a clair enough idea of what I wish to see, experience, meet, eat, visit, discover, appreciate, learn, and yes, day drink a little bit. That said, I feel I have to precise that axiom : I pack my stuff, take my pig – yes, I have a pig teddy bear that I love very much named Bartock – , and off we go. Just us pigs. I am a solo traveler. The need for one to travel by oneself can be understood, and feared, and craved.

In a train in Myanmar to see the Gokteik Viaduct – @lucabailleul

Traveling is a high, an addiction which can take you down. Being on the move, staying ont the move. It allows you to be as close as you want from your true self. My favorite part : it is just me during the decision making process.

Are you willing to take the first step towards it ? 

You can actually do what you want, choose to commit, stay, extend, leave, run, fly, jump, or day drink ! This is the real high. This renewed sense of freedom is empowering ! Once you experienced it, there is no going back. You will crave it. The routine, boulot, metro, dodo, the to-do-lists, the everyday life that 91 % people you know live. I thought I wanted it too. It became boring, senseless.

On the road, you are constantly fixing stuff, solving problems, and enjoying it. It is a strange feeling to be able to enjoy your struggles. This is the life altering part : once you get a taste of this freedom, you can’t go back to regular life. The process is managerial in nature. Point A to point B, financials constraints, time or some kind of schedule, different options, well the process will teach you patience. Because if you think everything will come easy. Oh boy let me tell you something. You think you struggle before, I did too. But then, you get lost in a train station half a world away with no more papers and money, almost enable to communicate with the authorities, then let’s talk about how white you are.

You learn more about yourself through the struggle, and the evolution and numbers of situation-ship you will face. All the moment, you meet people from across the world, well mostly white westerners and locals, with amazing stories, life experiences ! This brings a smile to my face. I love this part when you first encounter someone while sharing a story gives you the chill to do something new, or go somewhere just with his smile and enthusiasm ! You have to listen, learn to listen. Keeping your relationship home, wherever that maybe be, is also about listening. Sometimes, I do regret not spending more time keeping in touch more frequently with my friends. Their lives are moving on too. Do yourself a favor, listen to them too. Socially, solo traveling is demanding, but the rewards outshine the rest. Pride, and propose !

Well, by now buddy, you would know if this is for you.

Bartock en Inde devant le Taj Mahal @lucabailleul

About expectations

Don’t get me wrong : the perks are as real as a cute butt. I would like to offer a piece of advice : prepare to alter your life. This idea, the simple concept of not wanting a « simple » life, a more socially accepted one, is hard to admit and to hear. There will be this voice saying « not more than 6 months ». This career-impacting can also be define as an opportunity to open your mind and change your perspectives on what you « need ». This should not stop you.

You will be socially confronted by friends, and family. And also, you will struggle with your own expectations. There are expectations to come back a changed person, a better version of yourself. You make a bucket list and intend to check every box ? If, like me, you have embraced your inner german for a while, I guess that’s it. I do it too. Nothing wrong with planning. Allow yourself space and flexibility though … Because, my dear, things never go as planned. After a bit of traveling experience, you will see. I used to be mad at myself not achieving this arbitrary set of goals ! People are going to offer some unsolicited advices some times, like saying « oh you should go there, do this and try that … ». It might be very useful, or utterly annoying. Some people go hiking, Some do museums, some do both. Recently, someone said to me « You went to Nepal and did not do a trek ? that’s a shame ! » And I say « Treks take time and equipment, maybe one day … » I lied. Because what I wanted to say with this : « treks are for straight people, people with money, and people wanting to freeze to death. So no, thank you. » It is okay not wanting the obvious, or the simple, or anything !

Let go, trust me, I wish I had received this advice a life time ago !

Do not allow yourself to drown in other people expectations or choke on yours.

In the title, I put this « to fix and achieve skillset goals« . The fuck ? Well, let me explain. Please go and try to imagine this has a spectrum of ideas : from linguistic to computer skills.

I am terrible with digital stuff, but socially skilled. Good with learning, but no sense of directions. Very curious, mostly incapable to execute basic mechanical stuff. So, every time, I leave France for a few months, I decided on 6 things I want to get better at, and learn. I learnt the Hindi and Urdu scripts in airports and trains in India and I learnt how to use some apps in Myanmar for social media. I was thought how to use a photoshop like software and how to operate a semi automatic bike. Things on my skillset goals. Remember our little talk about expectations ? Well, I have not learnt how to sail yet !

My friend Marion, met in Laos during the Thakkek Loop – @lucabaillleul

The great social experiment

Let’s make this simple : you will have to talk to complete strangers, who might not know a language you speak. To find your way, take a bus, buy a train ticket, order some food, every firsts will be a challenge. If you choose to stay in hostel and want to have a conversation with the cute mexicano gent or pretty indian lady, you will have to try.  

With friction, you’ll learn to be more confident and soon realize that it requires a highly worthy effort. 

I could make a list of pros. I do like lists. That one though, oneself needs to make its own. Why ? Because my experience is mine, and your will be yours. That must be a song already.

I would humbly offer some tips on how to manage troublesome situations and easy fixes :

  • Shit happens, deal with it.
  • Try to find practical informations.
  • Put in place a contingency plan.
  • A guide book, or letdown plan of what you wish to see, and do, and how to get there.
  • Listen to locals, they know better.
  • Efforts need to be made.
  • Try to learn the local langage, few words at least.
  • Be patient.
  • Beware of the law, costumes, and practices.


I expand on this in a dedicated article about « Embracing your inner german« . You know, this disciplined part of you that can do anything with a bit a focus and patience. Another alter ego, this one useful and less slutty.

Terribly Yours,



The Never Ending Bucket List

Pourquoi cracher dessus quand tu peux cracher dedans ?

Commençons par le pourquoi du comment et ma préférée « et pourquoi pas ? ».

Well, le principe s’illustre tout seul je pense ! Avoir une liste arrêtée donne un gout de finalité qui n’apparait comme pas idéale. C’est surtout réducteur pour des aventures qui courent sur plusieurs décennies.

Ainsi on peut continuer de découvrir, apprendre, avoir de nouveaux rêves et objectifs, des changement de focus vers l’avenir avec une claire connaissance du passée.

Pour information, celle-ci sera traduite bientôt et se trouve en cours de rédaction !

The I have an idea phase in the morning – Delhi, India – @lucabailleul



  • Je veux visiter tous les pays du monde !
  • Prendre le trans sibérien
  • Traverser l’Atlantique en cargo
  • Un Interrail en Europe


Disponible ici – The Never Ending Bucket List – Geography Edition 2020

Introduction pour préparer une liste quasi-complète de tout objectif de voyage !


  • Surfer aux iles Fidji
  • Assister au Jeux Olympiques
  • Aller à DisneyLand
  • Faire l’Inca trail
  • Faire de la montgolfière en Turquie
  • Faire les vendanges à Mendoza, Argentine
  • Descendre le Vietnam en moto
  • Donner mon sang, et moelle épinière
  • Faire du cheval en Mongolie
  • Dormir dans une yourte
  • Visiter un sous marin
  • Faire la fête de la bière a Munich
  • Faire du Paddle
  • Faire les gay prides de NYC Paris Sydney Tel-Aviv Mexico
  • Faire le ABC Trek au Népal
  • Faire le RickShaw Run Sri Lanka et/ou Himalaya
  • Assister à un concert de Céline Dion
  • Faire du saut à l’élastique
  • Faire du parachute en Australie
  • Plongée dans la grande barrière de Corail
  • Participer à une campagne politique
  • Explorer les Caraïbes en bateau
  • Explorer les iles du pacifiques en bateau
  • Assister au Carnaval de Rio
  • Voir des aurores boréales
  • Faire un plouf dans tous les océans
  • Voir les sept merveilles du monde moderne
  • Voir les sept nouvelles merveilles du monde ( les 5 restantes)
  • Et le reste des sites sélectionnés (13 + 1 – 12 restants – )
  • Se baigner avec les cochons aux Bahamas
  • Faire un Safari et voir les Big 5
  • Assister à un combat de Sumo
  • Explorer en bateau le Péloponnèse
  • Explorer en bateau les Galapagos
  • Faire tous les musées Guggenheim
  • Réaliser un TEDx
  • Passer le permis bateau
  • Retaper ma propre ferme

Ce que je veux apprendre

  • Prendre des cours de cuisines japonaises pour faire mes propres sushis
  • Savoir faire des ravioli à la crevette
  • Faire du champagne
  • Prendre des cour d’auto-défense
  • Faire du Pole Dance
  • Apprendre à faire du catamaran et du voilier
  • Conduire une moto
  • Prendre des cours d’ingénierie
  • Se servir de InDesign et Photoshop
  • Faire un site Internet
  • Apprendre à faire du vin
  • Apprendre à faire mon propre fromage dont du Queso Oaxaca

Les conneries à la Bailleul

  • Aller a Buckhingam Palace et voir la Reine
  • Se saouler au Cuba Libre à Cuba
  • Faire une apparition dans les séries suivantes :
  • Ecrire un script pour un film
  • Ecrire un script de mini-séries politiques
  • Prendre l’apéro à l’Elysée
  • Allez à l’ONU
  • Go to the White House
  • Créer ma propre entreprise
  • Faire un article pour LeMonde
  • Faire un article pour le LP et-ou Le Routard
  • Me tatouer « DAY DRINKING. » sur l’épaule gauche
  • Me tatouer « Si ta mère te voyait »
  • Participer à Pekin Express
  • Publier mes chroniques
  • Finir ma thèse
  • Etre élu local

Let’s get acquainted !

Well, this is it. I have been struggling over this article for a while now.  How can I write this without sounding pretentiously ordinary and relatively honest ? 

The answer I have is a list. I do lists. Yep, I know. A Serial List Maker, rigorous, simple, efficient, exhaustive. 

So it goes. 



  1. My name is Luca, nobody calls me that ..
  2. I am a 26 years old french guy,
  3. I am gay, and straight-friendly, 
  4. I love dogs, and pigs,  
  5. I love food, and cooking, 
  6. I am a policy nerd, 
  7. I want to see the whole entire world, and run a hostel in Mexico, 
  8. I am a serial day drinker,
  9. I want to build a company about it, 
  10. I love disco, and dancing. 
La Disco Cave (tham nang aen cave) – Thakkek , Laos – @lucabailleul


  1. I love pineapple, walking, Tequila, wine, and pasta. 
  2. I don’t like coconuts, rain, winter, snow, bullies. 

  1. I used to be a public policy expert in higher education and research,
  2. My first trips was in the UK in 2009, Bali in 2015, Mexico and Morocco in 2018,
  3. In 2019 – 2020, Nepal, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Loas, Cambodia,
  4. I came back to France because of the COVID 19 epidemic, so no Viet Nam yet,
  5. I am now living in Paris with my sexy Mexicano fiancée.
My version of New Year Resolutions – India @lucabailleul


It can be socially unique, a life-altering experience, a moment to fix & achieve skillset goals, a creative management process and a space allowing self-discovering shit.

And I like to be alone. One Knows how easy it is to make decision with just oneself involved. And if you want company, it forces you to be social !

It allows oneself more liberties : you can do whatever, whoever you want, without the fear of someone close reminding you (or judging you) that this day you got drunk and slept with « INAPPROPRIATE » people, again. 

It is also a time for self-improvement. Every time, one makes a list of skills, and also fun activities or nerdy stupid stuffs I want to do or learn. 

This is me @lucabailleul



First, let’s clear sometime up : I don’t walk all the way. Trains, buses, inch-hiking, I try to avoid flying as much as I can. We will talk about transportations later on anyway. I would love to walk that much, but I have a specific walker pattern.

I love cities. For me, the wandering walking part of the discovery is the best thing ever ! I wear the same clothes every time or close enough, bandana of the side, a map in my phone just in case, three points stop through out the city. I leave my accommodation with everything in need for a one day visit, check if I have something to do logistically speaking, a few bucks, and go. I did this for the first time in London, and oh boy, ten years later, I still feel the humiliation of an epic fall due to a bad-weather-bad-shoe combination.

Some days, I walk more than 25 Kms from dusk to dawn. Coming up articles about Mexico City, Katmandou and Mumbai should help. This feeling is just amazing. I can close my eyes now and still smell, hear, sense the life of the Medina in Fès (Morocco). Walking in the city is the only way to experience, in my opinion, everything it has to offer. You are going to meet people, try new stuff, learn stuff, get exercice done, and be able to remember it for ever.

JAIPUR METRO – Just Proud to be able to read this – @theserialwalker


I want to create a space where we, as a community, will be able to share experiences, and tips. A safe space, a place for exchange, advises, a place to provide and help in anyway. You know, a place for funny day drinking stories and Walks Of Shame, politics and photography. 

Sharing my experience as a queer solo backpacker, explain the way I do things from beginning to end, offer ideas, tips and mostly self-made tools for people to use on their terms, I believe this could help, could help someone make the move and finally jump, take a leap. 

One hopes that this, in helping us share those stories, will give some the strength to act on this dream. You know the « I want to quit my job and go cycling in central Asia » dream. Well, honey, you can. 

Doing this, I am also working on improving my skill-set. For exemple, I know I am terrible with computers. This time, I chose to learn graphic design, web developing and social media branding. 

To sum up on in a listing way  

  1. JOURNEYLISM is about providing self-made tools to plan the entire trip, manage your budget, borders, visas, logistical stuff.
  2. THE SERIAL WALKER is part of a plan to better myself and try on learning new tricks while sharing experiences, writing articles with queer-related content. 

Basically, I am that dude who quit jobs to go around the globe with a pig teddy bear, now trying to be proactive while stuck in Paris because of the pandemic. 


I hope this will prove to be useful. 

Terribly yours,